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    Biotine Cheval CMV Oméga 3 Force 4 Granulés - Michel Vaillant

    Horse Biotin CMV Oméga3 Force 4 - Pellets format

    Rich in biotin and promotes optimal regeneration of healthy horn. Protects joints and improves their flexibility. Favorable for muscle gain. Action on the skin and hair! Healthy regeneration of the horn, the skin, and hairs / Strengthens muscles, tendons and joints / Facilitates digestion Cost of €1.93 including tax/day.
    €54.98 €54.98

    Sanding belt 50x2000 NORTON

    With Norton abrasive belts, you have the universal solution for your material removal and finishing operations. Norton offers a range of products to meet the needs of everyone and for all applications: from light deburring to sanding, to finishing and cleaning.
    €8.80 €8.80

    Fer acier Libero QC tournure ronde antérieur 8 mm 2 pinçons MUSTAD

    Maximum rolling. Rolled toe and quarter rounded to ease the start of the foot. Adaptation to avoid compression on the sole. Heels are covered for better support. Optimal repartition of the nail holes. Good durability on all terrains. The price is per unit but the horseshoes are only sold in pairs. Specify a multiple of 2 in Quantity.
    For the purchase of a pair put 2 in the quantity
    For the purchase of 2 pairs put 4 in the quantity
    €3.35 €3.35

    Reinforced Horse Biotin Treats Carotte Force 3

    Ideal treat format for horses in meadows without a ration. It stimulates the growth of a healthy horn in case of soft, fragile or brittle hooves, hoof cracks, seedy-toe, ridges following laminitis, for example.The best efficacity-price-quality ratio of the market with a cost of€1.20 All tax included/day/1 month/1 horse€1.05 All tax included/day/2 months/ 1 horse 
    €34.12 €34.12