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Founded several decades ago, Michel VAILLANT is the farriery specialist in France.
Thanks to its team of referenced professionals (blacksmiths, veterinarians, saddleries),
over time, the company has established itself as a reference in the field of farriery.

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The Michel Vaillant online store is dedicated to forging and cutlery professionals and hobbyists. You will find on this site all the equipment you need for your activity or your passion at very competitive prices.

Horse's products 

Find on the website the 9 ranges of products designed and created by Michel VAILLANT teams. These ranges have been designed to meet the diverse needs of horses and their owners.

Whether it's for your horse's coat, skin, or feet, Michel VAILLANT is committed to taking care of it while ensuring your well-being, thanks to the organic and 100% natural ingredients in our products.

Forge's products 

The forging catalog is designed to meet the most demanding expectations of professionals. This comprehensive collection has a wide range of tools and accessories, all selected for their strength and superior quality, to ensure performance and durability.

From the traditional anvil to the hammers, pliers, and pliers. Each piece has been carefully chosen to withstand the most difficult conditions.

The care products and their benefits  

HYDRATOPRESTO prevents dehydration of the horn by nourishing it.

BACTIFONGIC sanitizes the frog and prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.

FORTIFOOT strengthening care for fragile and crumbled hooves.

WATERHOOF fights humidity due to damp environments or muddy grounds.

FEETACTIV  activates the growth of a supple, resistant, and quality horn.

BIOTINES CHEVAL range of food supplements that upgrade the quality of your horse's hooves, skin, and hair.

HORSKIN treats skin problems, even the toughest ones (dermatitis, mange of mud, sensible areas, or wound healing).

MOVENESS optimizes the recovery of muscles, tendons, and joints after an effort or in the case of high temperatures.

FARRIERFLY  keeps flying insects away at the arrival of beautiful days.

Horse blog 

You will find on our horse blog our best advice concerning the health, diet, well-being, or anatomy of your horse. The purpose of our articles is to answer your daily questions to facilitate your researches.

Forge blog

Discover on our forge blog all the tips and tricks around the creation of handcrafted knives and the art of forging as a whole. On this blog, we share the latest industry trends and innovations, as well as various techniques for keeping your tools. In short, we put our know-how at your disposal.

Made in France, organic and 100% natural.

High-quality products, recommended by professionals

Michel VAILLANT is looking for the best materials and manufacturing processes to satisfy you on a daily basis.

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