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Tools and machines necessary for manufacturing and forging a katana

Let's examine essential tools such as the backstand, gas forge, and tempering oven, which are indispensable for creating an authentic katana.

The evolution of forging: from ancient origins to modern craftsmanship.

Forging is a manufacturing technique that dates back to antiquity and has played an essential role in the history of humanity.

Getting Started in Forging: A Comprehensive Guide to Embark on the Art of Metalworking

A comprehensive guide to introduce you to the ancient art of metalworking, where creativity merges with tradition and mastery of tools.

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Gas forge or coal forge?

When choosing a forge, the essential question is whether to opt for one operating on gas or another using coal.

Being able to create your own knives or manufacture your own gate can be a dream, but for that, it is advisable to acquire a good forge, or even to make one. There are mainly two different types: the coal forge and the gas forge. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, different uses, variable temperatures, and, of course, a final result that may not necessarily be identical.