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Welcome to Michel VAILLANT, Horse & Forge

For almost 100 years, Michel VAILLANT has been committed to providing the best for your horses' hooves. This longevity is not a coincidence. It reflects the combination of our technical expertise, our deep passion, and our commitment to excellence in our three specialties; the trades of the forge.

Horse Riding:
100% Natural and Respectful Care

We understand that between you and your horse, it's a story of passionate love. To preserve this chemistry, we develop 100% natural care products, made in France and formulated with vegetable fat. Concerned about protecting nature and its treasures, we have removed hydrocarbons and animal fats from our formulations.

You can take care of your companion with confidence while respecting the environment around him. Farriers, riders in search of reliable and approved equipment and products, we are delighted to invite you to the Michel VAILLANT site.

Explore our three universes - farriery, horse riding, and forging - and discover what makes us the reference in our field.

Professionalism, Personalization, and Quality

The story of Michel VAILLANT unfolds around a material that is both rich and modest: iron. In memory of our origins, we regularly revive a heritage of tools, machinery, and supplies (iron, nails, studs) to offer you the latest innovations in the market.

Our expertise is the result of a privileged collaboration with Professor Jean-Marie Denoix, an undisputed reference in the field. Thanks to this partnership, we have acquired unparalleled technical skills in the creation of therapeutic aluminum shoes as well as performance shoes, ensuring the proper locomotion of your horse.

Because your means of transportation also matter, we offer the customization of workshop vehicles. We are committed to providing you with a fast and personalized service that meets all your expectations.

Forging and Cutlery: Expertise and Technical Know-How

The world of farriery is intimately linked to that of forging. From the transformation of materials to the birth of a rare and unique object, Michel VAILLANT opens the doors to a home where your creative sparks can thrive.

Number 1 in the field of forging and cutlery, our shop is brimming with materials, machinery, tools, and functional and robust accessories to ensure unparalleled comfort and performance. For passionate blacksmiths and knife makers looking for finely honed novelties, workshops to master the craft await you with brilliance.

Our Values

Different worlds connected by strong values.
Values marked by a force of innovation, the dynamism of the teams, the pursuit of solid, reliable, or natural products.
A service always dedicated to our customers.


In pursuit of the best materials and manufacturing processes to optimize comfort and performance.

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Satisfied or refunded, responsive team.
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Always in search of reliable and proven equipment and products.

100% Natural

A wide range of horse care products. Recipes inspired by the treasures of nature.