Founded in Norway in 1832 by Hans Mustad, the brand Mustad had first distinguished itself
as a hook manufacturer of high quality, quickly establishing its reputation thanks to its
artisanal knowledge and its commitment to innovation.
As the decencies passed, the brand diversified itself to include Mustad Hoofcare,
a division dedicated to Hoof cares for horses.
Strong in its heritage of quality and precision, Mustad Hoofcare proposes
a range of essential products for blacksmiths and horse owners,
contributing to the well-being and performances of equines worldwide.

Discover Mustad’s products

Mustad’s products connect expertise and innovation to offer high-quality hoof care, favoring the health and performance of horses.


Whether it is a driving hammer, a hoof knike, a hammer, toe, and even more tools. Mustad is the reference for blacksmiths in terms of high-quality tools. The tooling range of Mustad adapts to the needs so they can provide a solution to every problem.  


The wide Mustad range allows you to find every type of nail: rustproof, E-slim, Slim, extra-long, extra thin, etc…
For all budget and all needs!


Mustad’s ranges such as Libéro and Equi-Librium are designed to respond to every pathology and maximize the horse’s comfort. The Equi-Librium range makes it easy to tilt the foot. The Libéro range was specially created to answer to the daily professionals’ attempts.

Mustad x Grant Moon

Mustad partnered with Grant Moon, one of the greatest blacksmiths in the world, the time for a collection of driving hammers, hoof knikes, hammers, fullers, blades, punches, and handles.


Mustad tries to reach in each of its products superior quality and optimum longevity.

Meets needs

Each new product is thought according to the needs of their most demanding clients to satisfy your expectations.


Mustad is active in nearly 100 countries around the world
and operates in 16 different countries
with 11 factories.

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