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Hoof boots are designed to improve a horse's comfort during walks, in the pasture, or during competitions. These boots are easy to use and highly durable. They are perfect for emergencies, especially in case of a lost shoe.

The hoof boots are made to protect the horses’ hoof. They offer remarkable protection against the difficulties of the terrain (stones, mud, water, etc.). By absorbing shocks and reducing vibrations due to hard or uneven surfaces. Hoof boots play an essential role in preserving the horse's foot

This innovative equipment guarantees a more comfortable and secure walk, thus protecting horses from inconveniences that may impair their performances or cause injuries (such as contusions of the sole, or fracture of the third phalanx).

Hoof boots prove to be essential allies for horses, during rides, hikes, or even during endurance competitions. We can also use them during show jumping competitions. They minimize risks of slipping, direct impact against hard surfaces, or penetration of sharp objects, thus preserving the integrity of the hoof.

Hoof boots permit to the horse to maintain an assured walk and optimal performance, regardless of the terrain conditions. Hoof boots are particularly beneficial for horses with osteoarthritis or for those in whom the traditional use of horseshoes is questioned. 

By offering support and adapted protection, those dispositive can highly upgrade the horse’s comfort by reducing the pressure exercised onto sensible articulations. 

In addition, for horses that have difficulties withstanding conventional shoeing, whether due to fragile hooves, brittle horns, or specific health conditions, hoof boots represent a reliable alternative. They are a custom-made adaptation to the hoof’s morphology, thus favoring a greater repartition of the weight and a reduction of the stress on bone and joint structures.

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Developed by endurance riders, the Floating Boots Trainer is an innovative slipper for horses. It is designed to protect the feet of unshod horses or for a breakdown following the loss of a shoe. The hoof boot is extremely easy to place and remove. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY / UNIT PRICE
€92.00 €92.00