Tempering furnace

Electric Heat Treatment Oven

Michel Vaillant offers a range of tempering furnaces and accessories for the heat treatment of steels. This professional range is intended for bladesmiths, craftsmen, and metalworking enthusiasts.


A quenching furnace is a useful tool in the thermal treatment of metals, playing an important role in the improvement of mechanical characteristics such as the hardness and resistance of tempered materials

The operation of the quenching furnace relies on precise temperature control to heat the metal to a temperature close to its melting point.  

The quenching process requires quick and controlled cooling of the metal, usually by immersion in a medium such as water or oil depending on the type of metal and the desired properties. This abrupt cooling induces a radical change in the crystal structure of the metal. 

It is this structural modification that confers hardness and resistance to the metal, making it more able to resist mechanical constraints and wear in its daily use. 

However, the quenching process isn’t without challenges. The rapid transition of temperature can introduce important internal constraints in the metal, which could lead to distortions or even cracks if the process isn’t well mastered.

This is why it is important to choose a furnace of quality so that every step, from the heating to the cooling, is meticulously controlled to achieve the targeted mechanical properties.

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