Rockblade Kilns, specialized in the manufacture of high-efficiency quenching furnaces, Available in different colours and sizes, as well as in the sale of products for cutlery...

Discover the brand ROCKBLADE

Discover their multicolour quenching furnaces.

Founded in 2010 by Rocco Gasbarro, Rockblade has quickly imposed itself as a world leader in the specific field of heat treatment of steels for cutlery, a sector where innovation plays a key role. 

Characterized by its distinctive knife emblem, the brand symbolizes excellence and passion for high-quality craftsmanship. Rockblade combines technological innovations and traditional know-how to offer first-class products and services, constantly pushing the boundaries of blade performance and durability. 

This innovative approach reflects Rocco Gasbarro's ambition to bring a new dimension to the world of cutlery, making Rockblade a respected and sought-after name in the industry.

Quenching furnace

Rockblade raises the standard in heat treatment with their range of quenching furnaces RBK, designed to answer to a diversity of needs thanks to their number of sizes. 

Those furnaces stand out for their high-quality building, offering exceptional durability and reliability, while putting the accent on energy efficiency to reduce the cost and the environmental impact. 

The reliable performance and the specific control of temperature guarantee an even quench, essential for the quality of the cutlery. 

Furthermore, Rockblade innovates with colourful and daring designs, bringing a unique aesthetic touch to traditional industrial equipment, and reflecting the innovative and passionate spirit of detail of the brand.

Forging presse

Rockblade expands its offer with a range of innovative forging presses, available in our forging catalogue. 

Designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the forging process, these presses meet a variety of needs with different pressuring force options, suitable for any cutlery project. 

Ergonomics and safety are at the centre of their design, aiming to reduce user fatigue and optimize user comfort. 

Just like other Rockblade products, these presses combine functionality and design, affirming the company's commitment to providing high-quality equipment that is also a pleasure to use and see.




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