Werkman Hoofcare captures and meets the contemporary high expectations of blacksmiths.
The product line consists of high-quality products finished down to the smallest detail,
allowing blacksmiths to elevate hoof vitality to the next level to improve the horse's performance.

Horshoes by Werkman

Werkman specializes in horseshoes. Thanks to its wide and varied range, it is possible for you to select the perfect pair of horseshoes.

Whether it's for horses, draft horses, sports horses, or ponies, Werkman provides shoes for everyone.

Thanks to its Warrior, Euroskill, Ryder, and many other horseshoe ranges, Werkman meets all your expectations.

The Warrior range

The Warrior range allows for proper nail placement and therefore allows the horseshoe to be correctly placed at the white line. Its wide toe cap allows it to provide suitable support for the hoof.

Listening to the blacksmiths

It is important for Werkman to answer to the needs and expectations of the blacksmiths to perfect and facilitate their work. Votre cheval est leur priorité

Your horse is their priorit

What matters for Werkman is the horse's vitality and performance. This is why each product is tailor-made according to known needs.

Superior quality

In addition to its high-quality horseshoes, Werkman focuses on its customer service so that you are always satisfied after each order.


The Ortho-kit are kits that allow you, with the help of the pieces included, to create a therapeutic horseshoe from a saddle shoe.

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