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Welcome to the new page dedicated to horseback riding by Michel VAILLANT!

The farriery expert is proud to present its range of care products and accessories specially designed to accompany professionals and enthusiasts of equestrian sports. Whether you're an amateur rider or a professional, we have what you need to take care of your horses, improve their comfort, and enhance their performance. Saddle up!

Hoof care

Hoof care is crucial to ensure the health and well-being of your horse. Injuries, rotten frogs, abscesses, soft, dry, and brittle feet—horses' hooves are not immune to various foot pathologies and disorders.

At Michel VAILLANT Equestrian, we offer a comprehensive range of organic care products for horses' hooves. You'll find nourishing oils, moisturizing ointments, rich balms, and special brushes, all designed to take care of your horse.

Mostly organic and natural, these high-quality products are recognized and approved by professionals. They are specially formulated to preserve hooves, prevent various infections, and promote healthy horn growth. With regular treatments, your companion will regain strong and smooth hooves.

Biotin, an Effective Dietary Supplement

Biotin is a key element for the health of horses' hooves. But what exactly is it?

Also known as vitamin B8, biotin is an essential vitamin for the cellular growth of all living beings. Found in yeast, mushrooms, soy, alfalfa, or lentils, it is sometimes beneficial to provide a supplement. Thus, if your horse's coat and mane are dull, and its hooves are brittle, it is certain that your animal is not in its best condition. If this results from deficiencies, a biotin supplement can be very effective.

Biotin helps strengthen the quality of the horn and prevent certain problems such as hoof fragility and cracking. Formulated to meet the nutritional needs and tastes of horses, Michel VAILLANT's biotin dietary supplements are of high quality. Easy to administer and palatable, they can be easily given during your horse's daily meals. A remedy that's 100 times better than a shot in the dark!

The Equestrian Equipment

Michel VAILLANT doesn't only offer care products and supplements for your horses. Because the comfort and safety of both beginner and experienced riders are priorities for us, we also provide a beautiful selection of comfortable and high-quality riding equipment. Whether you want to equip yourself from head to toe or outfit your four-legged friend, we likely have what you're looking for.

Saddles, bridles, stirrups, insect protection, and insoles will safeguard your horse's limbs and ensure peaceful rides. Additionally, Michel VAILLANT collaborates with recognized brands to offer you reliable and durable products suitable for all levels of practice.

Care Products

As mentioned earlier, hoof care and biotin supplements are essential to ensure the health and performance of your horse.

Healthy and strong hooves enable your horse to move comfortably and avoid injuries. A balanced diet containing sufficient biotin helps strengthen the quality of the hoof and prevent hoof infections.

By paying special attention to all these elements, you ensure a better quality of life for your horse and a longer, successful equestrian career. At Michel VAILLANT, we are aware of the importance of these care practices, and we strive to provide you with quality products that meet the needs of both your horses and yours.