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"No hoof, no horse." This expression, known to equine enthusiasts, is not without reason. The health of horses' hooves is as delicate as it is precious to ensure proper locomotion. Therefore, every horse owner must pay special attention to the hooves of our equine friends. This is where Michel VAILLANT comes into play, a company specialized in providing farriery equipment and horse care products. Farriers, breeders, veterinarians, and riders, preserve the health and performance of your companions with Michel VAILLANT farriery supplies.

The Farriery Products of

The Michel VAILLANT company offers a wide selection of products for the well-being of your horses, recognized and approved by experts.

Thanks to its rich interactions with various professionals in the equestrian field, the company has been able to develop specific and high-quality items such as horseshoes, Performance Aluminum Horseshoes, designed in collaboration with the most knowledgeable Farriers, pathological aluminum shoes developed with Professor Jean Marie Denoix, a world-renowned specialist in anatomy and locomotion, cleats, mobile workshop vehicle setups, and care products made with organic ingredients. These products are designed to meet the specific expectations of farriers, veterinarians, and riders who make up its clientele.

Hooves Ready for Adventure

In the wild, horses naturally maintain their hooves. Domesticated equines often need external assistance to adapt to their non-natural environment. Rich and complex, the work of a farrier precisely involves maintaining and protecting the hooves of our horses. A horse needs trimming and shoeing every 6 to 8 weeks. We have all the articles and accessories you need for the different stages of farriery:

  • Trimming: Essential for the horse's locomotion, trimming is the art of cutting, trimming, and rasping the hoof horn to balance it. Michel VAILLANT offers tools designed by experts: hoof knives, hoof testers, rasps, hoof nippers, hoof picks, brushes, mallets, etc.
  • Shoeing: Shoeing is not mandatory but highly recommended on a case-by-case basis. Hoof picks, shears, clench groovers, and fuller tools contribute to protecting horses' feet from infections and injuries, as well as preventing horn wear.
  • Shoes, Nails, and Plates: Regardless of the equestrian discipline you practice, your horse will require equipment tailored to its needs. Thus, Michel VAILLANT provides you with the best nails, plates, steel or aluminum shoes, and orthopedic shoes, reliable and approved by renowned professionals.

Farrier's Safety and Comfort

The profession of a farrier is not easy; it requires strength, knowledge, and delicacy. Thus, the well-being and safety of the artisan are two fundamental elements for them to carry out their work successfully.

To ensure a practical experience and provide more comfort to the farrier when tackling their daily tasks, Michel VAILLANT has designed a whole range of functional equipment for the farrier's comfort.

Tripods, workbenches, aprons, super comfortable safety shoes: a wide selection to make your job easier...

Mobile Workshop Vehicle, an Essential

The comfort of the farrier also involves optimizing their workplace. To benefit from accessibility and ergonomic without obstacles, Michel VAILLANT has developed ingenious workshop modules to outfit your vehicles such as vans or trucks. The forge, anvil, and tools are within reach. Storage of supplies is highly accessible. These space-saving, ergonomically designed arrangements are reusable from one vehicle to the next!

The farrier's profession is a true craftsmanship that requires high-quality professional equipment. And because hooves are a precious part of the body that influences the locomotion and performance of our animals, Michel VAILLANT provides you with all the necessary resources. Take care of your horses' hooves and ensure their well-being with Michel VAILLANT!