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Steel horse shoemichel vaillant with long branch for bar shoes228||250 


Long branch shoes for manufacturing yourself bar shoes.

Long branch shoe for manufacturing yourself bar shoes, thickness 8 mm. Nails E4 to E5.


Look out ! Prices indicated for a unit but horseshoes sold only in pairs.

LONG BRANCH SHOES Larg 127 x Long 160 - Section 20x8
Ref FW20x8PLG0
Price Excl. VAT4.29 €
Qty :
LONG BRANCH SHOES Larg 132 x Long 165 - Section 20x8
Ref FW20x8PLG1
Price Excl. VAT4.29 €
Qty :
LONG BRANCH SHOES Larg 139 x Long 175 - Section 20x8
Ref FW20x8PLG2
Price Excl. VAT4.29 €
Qty :