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GLUE 4 SHOE DEGREASER-ACTIVATOR resins on hoof horn120||250 

GLUE 4 SHOE CLEANER - Degreaser and activator

Strengthen adhesion of GLUE 4 SHOE resins. Spray 500 ml.

GLUE 4 SHOE DEGREASER-ACTIVATOR strengthen adhesion of GLUE 4 SHOE resins on hoof horn, aluminium, steel, plastic and rubber. New packaging : Bottle with spray of 500 ml.

For a good preparation of surfaces :

1) Clean surfaces to glue with a clean rag soaked of GLUE 4 SHOE DEGREASER-ACTIVATOR.

2) Sand the surfaces with an abrasive (grit 180).

3) Repeat cleaning with GLUE 4 SHOE DEGREASER-ACTIVATOR to remove all sanding residues.

GLUE 4 SHOE CLEANER - Degreaser and activator 500 ml
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