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SILICONE MV2-10 Shore A Remplissage-Packing - blue250||250 

SILICONE MV2-10 Shore A Remplissage-Packing - blue

MV2-10 Shore A is an ultra-soft silicone, to fill the hollow.

MV2-10A Remplissage-Packing is an ultra-soft silicone packing with a hardness of 10 Shore A. It is ideal for filling and sealing the hollow between a shoe pad and the sole.The low hardness of the silicone is also ideal for avoiding any pressure points under a highly sensitive sole. Not recommended for V-notched pads.
Optimal results with the MV2® pads.

SILICONE MV2-10 Shore A Remplissage-Packing - blue - cartouche de 200 ml
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