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w3/8 studs

MINI tungsten STUD BOX W3/8300||204MINI tungsten STUD BOX W3/8300||213
MINI tungsten STUD BOX W3/8290||250 

MINI tungsten STUD BOX W3/8

8 MX10S & MX50S, 8 plugs FW3/8, hexagonal key 3/16", 1 T tap W3/8.

Blue mini stud box including assorted W3/8 tungsten studs, in two sizes, for hard or softer ground, plugs and wrenches. Composition : 8 studs MX10S + 8 studs MX50S + 8 plugs FW3/8 + hexagonal key 3/16" + 1 T tap W3/8. Size : 140x130x35 mm. Weight 525 g. 

MINI tungsten STUD BOX W3/8
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